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I’m so tired of this city and these fake ass bitches. These bitches B and F are older girls who are close to my really close friend. They always try to be classy and bitchy. They don’t like to chill with people who are lg. Younger. Slutty. Blah blah. But in the end that’s who the fuck they are. I know their bad sides and slutty sides because my close friend D tells me. These bitches are sluts they do fucking threesomes with kids that are 15 when they are 23 like? LOL… come on. You guys think pussy is power and even if you said that as a joke its disgusting because it came out of your guys mouths. You guys are just straight up sluts and try to use guys to buy you shit. You chill with them to buy you shit. You fuck them to buy you shit. Like get a fucking job and respect yourself. Honestly I never talk shit about anyone unless they piss me off. I don’t even care if I chill with sluts that do this stuff because in the end you don’t affect me. You can do whatever you want to do with your life because its your life. Why should I judge you. I really don’t care. I see you as the person you are by your personality and the way you treat people. So if you’re a slut who’s nice to me. I’ll straight up be your friend. And if you’re a slut with a good heart you will probably be my close friend. I don’t care you guys do. You can fuck who you want. It’s your life. But these bitches B and F fucking think they are so classy when theyre fucking hoes. I’ll tell you why I hate them so much right now. I always knew these bitches didn’t like me because they think I act like one of their friends who is now a ex-friend. I was pretty mad already when they compared me to that ex-friend. Why? Because that girl is A FUCKING SLUT. She literally gets really ratchet and pushes herself on guys and makes out with them when she’s hammered. And these bitches B and F are saying I act like her? They were brainwashing D to make sound like I am like her too. At the time my friend D and me weren’t on good terms. She was saying that and making it seem to all the guys we were with at that time that I did act like her and the guys agreed. You do not understand how mad I was. I was choked at that fact that D had the fucking audacity to say that shit to guys I chill with to give me a bad rep. Those guys met the ex-friend. I do have some traits like her BUT I`M NOTHING LIKE HER when you really know me. I give off that impression but I`m not that person. Now like I just found yesterday B and F were once talking shit about me again. So that other night I went drinking with D and other girls. We all got pretty hammed. The guys got hammed. My friend D was hammed so she wanted to go sleepover with her bestfriend. I still wanted to party cause I was hammed. I told her I’m going to go with them and she said she’s going to sleep. So I left with these two niggas and went to a bonfire. Apparently I was being rude. scratch that I knew I was being rude but the only time I remember being rude was saying “Why am I calling her out if you guys don’t want her. Cause she’s ready.” I was bitching because these guys wanted my friend and then when she gets ready they don’t want her to come anymore. Yeah I was choked because my friends aren’t a fucking escort service. I called her at 230am in the morning making her come out and I finally convinced her to come out. She gets ready and they don’t want her? Of course I’m pissed off. I care about my friends and partially because these guys make me look bad to my friends. When I finished bitching my buddy said “You’re being rude right now.” The whole time I was at the bonfire I was bored. I was just quiet. I even remember my other buddy coming up to me asking me why I was being so quiet. I said because I’m bored. So I was just on my phone the whole time.  This is what really happened. These bitches B and F told D that I was being rude. Which I admit I was. Then these bitches said my buddy told me to shut up because I was being rude. UHM NO bitches he said “You’re being rude right now.” Knowing myself if he told me to shut up I would have flipped out when I’m drunk. And then these bitches said I said “why the fuck are we here” when I was hammed I’m pretty sure I would have said “why the fuck am I here” but I’ll let these bitches have that one because I don’t remember saying that. And I’ll admit whatever I’m wrong to cause I’m honest. Apparently these girls told D at separate times they heard the same thing to D. So basically they both separately talked shit about me to D. You don’t understand how badly I want to fuck up these bitches and smash them against a fucking wall. The more I hear these bitches talking about me is building up the rage I have for them. And there is just going to be one day where I’m going blow off if these girls don’t stop. Oh and not only THAT. They also said to D like why did she ditch you. And apparently B and F were mad because I ditched D. LIKE WTF? You don’t even know the whole story and you’re fucking assuming shit? Are you fucking joking me? Like quit putting words in my fucking mouth to make me look bad. I swear they are just doing that on purpose to get me away from D. D backed me up though and said I wanted to sleep and she wanted to party so I let her go with them. I don’t even know why I’m crying writing about this. Like I don’t even know why I’m so emotional. I never cry. Trust me unless its about my brother or my family. My own friends even know its hard to crack me. I’m just upset because I don’t know what D thinks of me if she has people like this brainwashing my every mistake to make it sound like the worst outcome. I care about D like a sister. She even goes farther than my best friends for me. She would rather have herself get hurt over me. And that’s fucked up. We had a scenario that was really fucked up. And she told me she would me she would rather it been her than me because she knows that would have been me if I stayed that time. That’s fucked up. Obviously I would never let anything happen to her next time I’m there. I’m just mad/upset about this shit cause I don’t want to deal with these toxic bitches. They’re no good not even for D. They’re gold diggers, care only about status, care only about money, social climbers, and only care about friends that can only take them up the ranks. These girls are 25 you’re old. You should be doing something with your guys lives right now instead of fucking with little boys who have money. I just don’t want D to turn out like them but I don’t know how to say it. It’s not that I don’t trust D. I want to tell her everything I feel about her friends but at the same time I’m scared to because if we aren’t friends in the end I don’t want to risk me. I know that sounds selfish but I have to look out for myself first. If I tell her how I feel about B and we aren’t friends shes going to tell B who’s going to want to fuck me up. B is evil and is not someone I want in my life. To be honest that’s the only one I don’t honestly tell her my opinion of. I feel like I’m being a bad friend and maybe I don’t trust her to the extent to sacrifice myself. I just don’t want to be fucked up the ass in the end. I don’t know. I care about D a lot but sometimes I wish she would make smarter decisions and realize who the people really are around her. That’s the only thing I can wish for because I don’t want her to be fucked at the end.

What do you think of how D looks at me as a friend? What do you think of B and F and the situation? and what should I do as friend?