Interview tomorrow! Hoping for the best. It’s going to be an early interview and I’m up till 3am. What’s wrong with me haha. Just thinking about life again and how I want a bunch of close girlfriends that party as hard as I do, study as hard as I do, and support their friends as much as I do. I just want a bunch of crazy wild bitches like me to just go on girl trips, trips with niggas, vacays, roadtrips, and drink all day and night. Even go to wild adventures that noone else is down to go to that live where I live. I’m pretty sure there are gfs like these out there but i need you to come find me now LOL. I have a bunch of girls that fit in each different category but aren’t all rolled up in one. I can’t even mesh them together because they won’t even get along or they have too many differences. How can I be all these girls rolled up in one? I just want girls that are just always down you know. No hassle. Always there and want the best for me and I always want the best for them. Just ourselves and having fun being crazy haha. Is that that hard? I just want to save the headache and the stress. Isn’t that what life is all about? 


pls find me my bitches