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Holy fuck. This guy is driving me crazy. Yes I’m talking about S. I found out his name was something else because I misheard it so I’ve been calling him the wrong name lol. He is the most annoying and clingy guy I’ve met by far. He constantly texts me. 8 texts in a row if I don’t reply. He constantly wants a definite answer if were going on a date on this day or that day. I get it YOU WANT AN ANSWER so we know if you can go out or not. THE THING IS I know you’re not doing shit so why the fuck are you constantly asking me if I’m %100 sure coming?! I’m fucking busy and I’m sorry I don’t have time to chill all the time like you do. Really does it really make a difference? I gave you a chance because I thought you were nice and genuine and sweet.

Not to be mean but you’re annoying as fuck right now. I could look past our first date because everyone’s nervous on their first dates that I should never expect much from chilling with you for the first time. However I realized that when I text you I feel like its work. I’m obviously going in with the wrong intentions and now I know that I shouldn’t just get into a relationship for the sake of experience. Cause S you are driving me fucking insane. You act like were in a relationship already and saying all these things to me when we only hung out once. I realized I didn’t think it was cute or whatever because I’m not interested in you at all. And the more you keep hinting that you’re mad at me for not replying or giving you the right answer is driving me nuts. The fact that you act mad for one second and then apologize within the next text to make up for it DRIVES ME CRAZY. I know no guys like to wait but damn. Maybe I’m just not that into you and I’m going to have to tell you straight up that I don’t want a relationship with you and that were better off as friends.

So I told S I just wanted to just be friends. His reaction? My reaction?

You know what I realized? I’m wrong. You’re not sweet, genuine, and nice. I’m so glad I didn’t go for you. I realized you’re a immature, asshole, who can’t take the truth. I pray for you. I really do. To grow the fuck up and be mature.

I never thought a guy your age could be so immature. What are you 25 right now? Grow the fuck up. I’m way younger than you and SO much more mature. And by the way why are you hitting up girls that are way younger than you? Can’t get a bitch you’re own age? I tried being nice by telling you I just want to be friends and not lead you on and you fucking hit me up with catty messages that prove to me that YOU ARE SO HURT over this. Really? I’m sorry it doesn’t ever feel good to hear that I just want to be friends with but you know what AT LEAST I fucking told you before you grew feelings or felt like you were getting led on. I tried being respectful so be nice. You don’t know how much it took for me not to blow up on your fucking ass. I’m ready to punch a bitch. No lie. You’re lucky you didn’t see me in person. You’re lucky that you didn’t say that shit to me in person. Because trust me baby, I wouldn’t have been that nice.

P.S. You better not being running into me any time soon because I’m still heated.