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Have you ever met someone you just automatically click with? My story feels like it came right out of a korean drama haha. Literally started from hating the guy’s guts to kind of starting to like him. I literally hated this guy from the first time I met him. He was new in town. I was being nice to him introducing myself to him and his friend. He turned out to be an asshole who was extremely rude to me. But knowing me you know I would give the same respect back. You get what you give. People would laugh at how rude we were to eachother. But since he was new in town he didn’t know much people so I was always chilling with him because I was brought along. I somewhat got used to him and started to talking to him alot more. I literally didn’t care about this guy at all. I was just talking and being nice not giving a fuck about what he thought and just being me. Somehow I don’t know when but we actually started to get along alot more. We would crack up about the same jokes and I like that he was honest and wasn’t afraid to ask me whatever he wanted to ask. He wasn’t afraid to call me out on things either. I never really had someone do that to me so it was kind of interesting to me. The funny thing is whenever he called me out on things I never had anything to say back because it was true. Some reason I liked that he did that because he really showed me he understood me, like really well. He read me like a book. All my insecurities, game play, and what I do, he got it right. I never admitted to it of course but it was true. He was always complimenting me too which fed my ego LOL haha it was nice to hear though because the things he said was what I always wanted to be and am. I was really comfortable around him because I never looked at him as anything. Trust me I’m never comfortable around guys. I’m usually really nervous even though I act like i’m not sometimes. The only things I didn’t like about him was that he was rude, mean to me sometimes, shady, untrustworthy, unsympathetic, and really heaty. The thing is we kind of had a thing… never lead to anything because I stopped it. He even told a friend he wanted to girlfriend me. I can’t help but mess around with boy’s heads sometimes especially if they tell me that they don’t want me. I think do it because i’m insecure not because i’m full of myself. It just makes me feel better. (I know its wrong) He was getting really flirty at that time so I decided to pull a move. I actually had alot of fun that night that I was with him because he always knew what to say back to me and was really flirty. But the thing is… I couldn’t do it. I looked at him as just a friend and I made a promise to my girlfriend that I wouldn’t mess with him so I cut it completely. I’m not sure if I did just look at him as just a friend because there were times when he asked me to chill and I was getting really really nervous. And I never really got that anxious about him before so it was weird to me but I don’t know. I haven’t liked anyone in a long time so I wasn’t sure. I thought it through though and I realized I would never date a guy like him. He just isn’t “boyfriend material” to me. The fact that he was sneaky and had a big ego was fun for me but in reality I probably would never ever settle with a guy like this. He did make think about what I want really want in a guy though. His personality was good but he had some flaws. *yeah I can’t help but look at a guy’s flaws and then don’t want him. He made me realize that I want a guy that really understands me, makes me comfortable, doesn’t expect anything of me, childish at times, straightforward, messes around with me, can make fun of himself and me, sweet, romantic, confident, flatters me, and cocky at times. So thanks L. Thanks for teaching me what I want in a guy and what I don’t want. Glad you came in my life.

Lemme know if you want to hear more stories about the boys I’ve had flings with and details (cause I’ve had many and yes I’m not proud of everything I’ve done)